International express charging standard


1. According to international express billing regulations

The measurement volume is measured in the highest point, and the calculation formula is: length (cm)× width (cm)× height (cm)÷5000=A (weight). When the actual weight of the goods to be delivered is small but the volume is large, the freight will be charged according to the volume standard.

If the actual weight of the goods is B, the larger weight of A and B will be taken as the billing weight. Therefore, it is suggested that you pack reasonably and reduce the volume before shipment to save money.

2. Billing Unit

Speedpost industry generally takes 1 kg (1 kg) as a billing unit of weight. When measuring the weight, there must be no oddity, i.e. :

When the weight of the item is 5.01kg, the actual charge is 6kg; When the weight of the item is 21.1kg, the actual charge is 22kg.

Note: Parcels with billing weight below 21kg are international small packages, and the billing unit is per 1000g (1kg). Parcels with a billable weight of 21kg or more are international bulks, and the unit of calculation is per kilogram.

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