How about Snail International logistics?


Snail international logistics for international customers to provide international express, international sea, international air, international land transport, international railway transport services.

We provide international logistics services for enterprises and individuals, providing transportation services for different categories of goods such as epidemic prevention materials, catering ingredients, cosmetics, chemical products, electronic products, medical supplies, luxury goods, etc. You can choose the door-to-door, door-to-port, port to port, just to the door and other logistics services.

Our company's international transportation network throughout the country and abroad, to provide you with cost-effective, safe delivery of international logistics and transportation services. Snail logistics, global service, our world from now on unbounded.

Our air freight service

For you to provide urgent air transport, small, large cargo transport.

International sea transport

Through the container or bulk cargo ship transport, to provide shipping services such as FCL, LCL, bulk cargo, shipping import, shipping relocation, to provide dry bulk cargo and bulk cargo transport services, to provide customers with factory to the port transport, cargo loading and unloading and reinforcement, insurance and other comprehensive services.

The international road transport

It provides international railway freight train, multimodal transportation and other international logistics and transportation services based on railway.

Undertake exhibition transportation, provide science and technology exhibition transportation, medical exhibition transportation, medical equipment beauty transportation, professional exhibition transportation, textile exhibition transportation, other professional exhibition transportation.

Port shipping is for you to select advantage of port and transport mode you can through my company set up in Shanghai, Beijing, ningbo, shenzhen, guangzhou, Qingdao, tianjin, jiangsu, hangzhou, Beijing and other warehouse provide freight services, provide you arrived in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, New Zealand, etc. More than 100 countries international logistics transportation services. Optimized back-haul delivery, destination using express delivery and truck delivery

Delivery form, a variety of channels to shorten the length of the appointment.

Long-term commitment to the world customs clearance package transportation services, customs clearance capacity and warehousing and distribution system, whether it is an individual or a company, we will be dedicated to the service, after the arrangement of customs clearance directly by the shipper.

Instructions for delivery by appointment apply to all international trade transaction terms. Provide logistics tracking services, to ensure that customers feel at ease, rest assured, choose snail international, choose quality services.

Online service process:

Step 1, call the hotline service number, the system will assign your exclusive customer service;

Step 2, the system will assign you a 1-to-1 exclusive customer service to provide you with free quotation consulting services.

The third step, customer service according to your goods attributes, time, delivery method, location to provide a quotation scheme;

The fourth step, provide door-to-door delivery service, workers check the integrity of the goods and packaging, reinforcement;

The fifth step, the international logistics transport vehicle will transport the goods to the customs port, customs inspection after release;

Step 6, transport according to the mode of transport you choose;

Step 7, wait for customs inspection and release of the destination country;

The 8th step, provides the post delivery, the installation service.

Reasons for many customers to choose:

Business scope is wide, nationwide door-to-door pick-up, global door-to-door delivery, truly realize door-to-door service.

One-stop service, only need to provide shipping/receiving address, price transparent, reduce customer trouble.

High cost performance, reasonable price, professional packaging reasonable reduction of goods specifications, save transportation costs.

Private custom, every consultation customer, we are dedicated to service, to provide a reasonable transportation plan.


1. Logistics is needed in the whole operation process after a lot of domestic and foreign to withstand long distance transportation by sea, land, etc., in order to guarantee the exhibits will not damage the outer packing should be strong, moisture-proof, suitable for repeated loading and unloading of packaging materials, and according to the specific conditions on the outer packing paste rainproof, fragile, up, etc.

2. In order to ensure smooth customs clearance and accurate delivery before opening, the shipping mark of the packing case shall include the consignee's English name, address, postcode, weight and volume and other relevant information.

3. The customs of different countries generally have the same requirements. They all require the following customs clearance documents: original bill of lading, form, packing list, insurance policy, certificate of origin, certificate of fumigation and other related documents.

4. Any country has strict regulations and inspection and quarantine system for the import of food, and it is strictly forbidden to carry food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol in ordinary parcels. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to transport the goods restricted or forbidden to be imported by the destination country. Otherwise, once discovered by the foreign customs, all the goods will be detained by the customs of the destination country, or even unable to clear the customs, thus causing the failure to receive the goods.

For a single item, the weight shall not exceed 2 tons, and the length, width and height shall not exceed 2 meters, 1.5 meters and 1.5 meters respectively. At this time, special containers or bulk ships are needed for transportation. For large and overweight items, forklifts, forklifts, mechanical equipment and workers need to be used. These additional services need to be booked with foreign countries in advance and related costs need to be confirmed.

6. The goods sold are exported in the form of general trade, and the destination country conducts permanent import customs clearance;

7. The returned goods shall be declared for temporary export, while the destination country shall be declared for temporary import, and the goods shall be shipped back after completion. Both Chinese customs and foreign customs have strict regulations on this, otherwise it will lead to the failure of customs clearance in China or import duties levied by the customs. It is usually required to contact the carrier in advance to prepare an application for the ATA document list (ATA). The ATA document list system establishes the world's uniform customs clearance procedures for provisional imports of goods. Therefore, the ATA document book is also called cargo passport and cargo duty-free customs clearance certificate by the international trade circles.

Snail international logistics, specializing in international express, international logistics, freight, air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, rail transportation, import and export agent, international move, exhibition transportation, enterprise shops, shops, storage and other international business.

Snail international logistics is committed to the construction of customer service driven, socialized collaboration of international logistics program design and supply chain platform.

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