How to fill in the shipping mark on the international express package


One. Recipient Information

It must be filled out in English, including the recipient's name, address (including the country, city, street number), telephone number, and postcode (the postcode must be correct).

Two, Goods information

All international express parcels must fill in the specific name, number of pieces, value and other important information, as the declaration to the customs.

1. Send personal items

If you are sending personal belongings, please fill in the packing list of bulky items and valuables in detail. Small items and fragments can only fill in the main category.

2. Send merchandise

In the process of transportation, there must be a detailed packing list, which should list the name, purpose, quantity, unit price and total price of the goods, so as to facilitate our company to declare to the export customs and the customs of the destination country.

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